Crab Meat

Shells Unlimited takes great pride in offering the highest quality 'handpicked' Atlantic Blue Crab meat available on the market today..........
Colossal crab meat, also called MegaJumbo Lump, is the largest whole unbroken pieces available from the blue crab.  The colossal meat is taken from the two largest muscles connected to the back swimming legs of the crab.  The lumps or pieces, in the Colossal grade are bigger than those in the Jumbo Lump.

  Jumbo Lump 
The Jumbo Lump grade crab meat that comes from larger crabs, is the meat from the two large muscles connected to the swimming legs.  Contrary to smaller portions of crab meat, it can be used whole.  It has a brilliant white color. 

The Lump grade of crab meat is composed of broken pieces of Jumbo Lump, which are not included in the Jumbo Lump grade pack, and other flake pieces.  This grade of crab meat is ideal for crab cakes and it is commonly used by manufacturers.

  Back fin 
The back fin portion consists of flakes of white meat, coming both from the special meat and jumbo lump.  Back fin is a popular crab meat for Chesapeake Bay, Maryland style crab cakes. 

The "special meat" is shreds and small flakes of white meat from the body cavity of the crab.  It is generally used for all dishes in which white crab meat is used.

Claw meat is the dark pink meat that comes from the swimming fins and claws of the crab.  It has a stronger taste, and is less expensive than the white color meat grades.  It is often used in soups, where strong taste comes through.

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